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March 2022: Time continues to fly as we leave the winter behind and look forward to the warm months ahead.  Hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel of the last couple of years is soon approaching. 

FRESH START  continues to grow keeping me busy and challenged. We are thrilled to be hitting some big milestones over the next couple of months that we have been working hard toward.  Stay tuned for the official releases. 

I continue to be blessed with an endless array of incredibly talented musicians, singers, performers, and artists from PEI.  I continue to produce and perform in Craig Fair Presents MIXTAPE NIGHTS  series at Trailsdie Music Hall, as well share the stage every Saturday night with my dear friend Ben Aitken (PEI’s Musician of the Year Winner) at our winter series I put into action this year called Dali After Dark.  We are so honored to have wonderful guests join us each week in these colder months to showcase their talents and put on a wonderful night of entertainment together. 

As we head into spring and summer, Ben and myself will get back to battling it out in our Dueling Pianos every Saturday night at The Salvador Dali Café starting June 18th through till the middle of September.

I’m also thrilled to finally be presenting a show I’ve co-written with my very good friend Josée Boudreau.  We have postponed this show two times now so we are over the moon that we are getting to do this once and for all.  Josée Boudreau at Capitol Theatre Moncton NB.

Most recent project I just wrapped up was with the PEI Fashion Weekend as the Performance Director.  This was a wonderful event that I was so happy to be a part of.  Thanks to Julia Campbell at JEMS Boutique in Charlottetown, PEI for asking me to take on this role. 

I am continuously grateful for the support I receive from my friends, family and all my supporters.  Thanks for checking in, and until next time……


January 2021:I'm full swing into FRESH START, loving the work, the people and the island. Pandemic wise, PEI with committed effort by the gov't and the islanders, remains the safest province in Canada. I am thankful to be here able to learn new skills and able to continue my music. Josée Boudreau & Craig Fair  TRAILSIDE MUSIC HALL The Salvador Dali Cafe   Capitol Theatre Moncton NB

January 2020:As we begin each year "Time Flying" isn't only a saying but the reality!

February 2020:Hamlet The Rock Musical opened at El Portal L.A., the news talks about a worldwide pandemic and by April we know that it is real. Live theatre around the world shuts down! 

August 2020:Opportunity knocks. My longtime friend Julain Molnar, owner of  FRESH START Fauxmage needs some help. After some soul searching, I leave Toronto for my 2nd home on the beautiful Prince Edward Island.