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January 2020:Time Flying becomes more of a reality each time we find ourselves beginning yet another year.

February 2020:Hamlet The Rock Musical opened at El Portal L.A. The news is talking about a worldwide pandemic.

April 2020:Pandemic is a reality & live theatre around the world shuts down 

August 2020:Opportunity knocks from my 2nd home in PEI. My lifelong (less 10 yrs) friend Julain Molnar, owner of  FRESH START Fauxmage needs some help. After some soul searching, I leave Toronto for the beautiful island.

January 2021:Another year just slipped by. I'm full swing into FRESH START, loving the work, the people and the island. Pandemic wise PEI has continued with committed effort by the gov't and the islanders, to be the safest province in Canada. I am thankful to be here learning new skills while still able to continue my music. Please check out TRAILSIDE MUSIC HALL.

So much THANKS to our front line workers continuing day and night for us, to our vaccine scientists, and for really amazing friends, family and country.